Dog Unleashed CBD is the latest project from Duane “Dog” Chapman, offering high quality Cannabidiol or CBD Oil Drops. Topicals, and infused products. Considered one of the greatest bounty hunters in the world by many, Dog The Bounty Hunter could easily be dubbed “The King of Comebacks.” Credited with more than 7,000 captures throughout the course of his illustrious 40-year bounty hunting career, Dog continues to prove that people really do change.

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Drug tests are designed to identify THC in the body. Because Dog Unleashed CBD products contain only trace amounts of THC (.3% or less) per federal and state requirements, it is unlikely you would fail a drug test after ingesting CBD products in accordance with dosage/application directions. However, depending on the sensitivity of the test, how much CBD you ingested and other aspects of how each individual processes cannabinoids in their body, it is possible you could fail a drug test. Topical applications of our product with trace amounts of THC is not able to cause a failed drug test. It’s best to understand your employer’s, school’s, or sports team’s rules as it relates to CBD. We advise individuals that are subject to drug testing to disclose with their employer, school and/or coach their intent to use CBD prior to use in order to prevent issues with drug testing. Our CBD product is compliant with federal law for manufacturing and distribution of industrial hemp sourced CBD products. Please be sure to research local laws pertaining to use and possession of CBD products in your area.


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